Attosecond Technology - Light Sources,  Metrology, Applications
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The Project
Recent News
• Invited article on cover of Review of Scientific Instruments
• Imperial attosecond streaking measurement on the cover of J. Phys. B. Special Issue
• Attosecond public engagement at the Imperial College Festival
• Can we freeze time? - John tisch's Inaugural Lecture
• Numerical simulation of attosecond nanoplasmonic streaking
• Later Shearing Interferometry of High-Harmonic Wavefronts
• Measurement of a sub-4fs high energy pulse.
• First isolated attosecond pulses measured in the UK

Attosecond Technology

Welcome to the website for the Attosecond Technology saxo bank review project. The project aims to generate, diagnose and use isolated attosecond duration light pulses in new types of experiments to probe atomic and molecular systems on the attosecond timescale - with an emphasis on the development of the technology required to achieve these goals. This project was initially funded by a RCUK Basic Technology Grant (final report). Since Sept 2008 it has been funded by an EPSRC Translation Grant "Next Generation Attosecond Technology".

This website is intended fxpro reviews to provide information about the aims and progress of the various parts of the project.

For information fxpro review about the project please contact us.